Management Assistant 🇬🇧🇺🇸 + 🇷🇺

While this is not a manager position, it can be considered as an accelerator to get related experience.

In this position, you will not strictly evolve only within Matcha Botanicals, but across other businesses as well. Matcha Botanicals is a trendy company and one of the fastest growing in Russia. Managing it puts some strains on the time available to the founders, and we need someone that is going to act like our right arm, to help us keeping growing the company while also furthering new business ideas and non-profit ideas.

We're dealing with a lot of information and tasks that are coming at us every day, and need someone to:

  • Receive and organise this information so that it's easy for us to process
  • Keep track of all our ongoing tasks and priorities
  • Be an interface with the team and 3rd parties
  • Delegate tasks and keep track of their completion
  • Investigate on business opportunities we will formulate -market research-
  • Assist us in blogging -writing-
  • Scale our teams, writing the job/profile descriptions and marketing them.

We believe this job is interesting as it is not strictly speaking hard, though it will require time and dedication, but will bring a lot of high level experience.


You are:

  • Fluent in English
  • Rigorous, organised, systematic.
  • A writer: we want to blog about our business observations, ideas and experience. We might also talk about global problems, economy, and social concepts. We will provide most of the content, but you will provide the words.
  • Resourceful: While undertaking some high level managerial tasks, there aren't any obvious answers or solutions most of the time. We won't always be available to provide one, so will have to come up with it to get your results.
  • Driven: you want to see your work finished at the end of the day, because you care about making an impact, making progress, seeing things moving in the organization.
  • A visionary/optimist: investigating on scary big or impossible business ideas, or crazy social concepts that can bring change for the greater good of society requires to be interested in widely new things starting from a white page.
  • Passionate or very curious about broader topics: geopolitics, economy, political and social.
  • You have a degree in economy, science, engineering, geopolitics or similar. Or if no degree you will have to be convincing.
  • Knowledge of the french language could be an optional plus for research purpose.

You can expect to get from the job:

  • A complete overview of the behind the scenes of entrepreneurship.
  • A guided team-management experience.
  • Hands on experience in market research, business writing, content writing with a marketing intent, content promotion, team management, task delegation, and human-resources/hiring.
  • To master business investigation with both small and breakthrough-big ideas.
  • Going from a white page to an idea, then to a business: witnessing and being at the center of the initiation, launch and concretization of an idea.
  • To build up a portfolio as an assistant writer of at least 20 business publications a year.
  • A management view of one of the fastest growing companies in Russia.


What you should not expect:

  • To have the last word on strategic decisions. This is not a manager position, but rather an accelerator to get there.
  • To only relay high level info between team members. A lot of the tasks will be ancillary. You will get your hands dirty organising messes, taking notes, formalising concepts discussed in meetings, keeping our agenda and priorities lists, and keeping your own todo list among the flow of things coming to you.
  • To investigate only about "sexy" ideas (cool apps, trendy lifestyle product, mega cool new technology). Promising ideas are such because they are not attractive and too ambitious to most people, yet are the ones that can have a great impact. Computers were not sexy when Apple built their first; Vegan food was not sexy when the first vegan restaurant opened; American-style coffee was not sexy when Starbucks started. They made it what it is.
  • To blog about you and your new favourite trends. We need to write content that will further the company and the founders in achieving defined goals, not our likes.
  • To book restaurants and make coffee matcha for the founders. While you might organise stuff if we're really busy and can't do it, that is not why we are hiring you.


Who you will be working with:

Alexandra was a senior brand manager at L'Oreal and lead the launch of several new lines in Russia. She fell in love with Matcha in Japan, but only thought about bringing this lifestyle change to Russia while she was working in California. For now, most of her time is spent on Matcha Botanicals.

J.Charles worked in the tech industry in California and New York, for a big-4 consulting firm, and other startups, before co-founding several startups of his own. He also worked in Paris. He is splitting his time between Matcha Botanicals and other projects and companies.


When applying, and only in order for us to adapt our interviews, please indicate your level with the following:

Windows OS - [Fluent - Not Fluent]
Mac OS - [Fluent - Not Fluent]
Facebook Ads Manager - [Fluent - Not Fluent]
Apple Keynote - [Fluent - Not Fluent]

Please include a blurb about who you are and why you think you're suited for this position.

If you have been publishing something or have a portfolio, please include it! :)


(Просьба указывать позицию, на которую Вы откликаетесь) 


“Matcha Botanicals” - это команда энтузиастов, посвятивших себя любимому делу, искусству чайной церемонии. Мы верим, что матча - это уникальный источник здоровой энергии, способный поддерживать бодрость, здоровье и гармонию в условиях большого города. Мы также верим, что матча - это не веяние моды и не сезонное явление, а образ жизни, полезная привычка ненавязчиво поддерживать свое тело в тонусе, а ритуал матча - это философия, позволяющая абстрагироваться от всего внешнего и лишнего, ведь приготовление матча с помощью бамбукового венчика, пока на нем не появится пенка, это своего рода медитация.

Наша миссия - поставлять уникальные сорта матча с одной простой идеей: уникальность и неповторимость вкуса нашего матча для самых искушенных ценителей по всему миру. Разрабатывая наш продукт в Японии совместно с топовыми чайными мастерами Киото, мы уверены в наивысшем качестве нашего чая.

Также мы привнесли несколько японских традиций в нашу корпоративную культуру: гармония, уважение и высокая культура общения как внутри команды, так и с нашими клиентами.

Мы ценим мнение, креативность и время каждого члена команды и стараемся предоставить максимальный комфорт в работе, именно по этой причине мы предоставляем максимум свободы взамен на ответственность и ориентированность на результат.

Мы верим, что меняя себя, ты способен изменить мир к лучшему и вдохновлять на перемены всех вокруг! Если ты заряжен позитивной энергией, ориентирован на результат, готов сражаться с проблемами один-на-один и ты против "рабства офисного работника”, как и мы, тогда тебе к нам!